Something a little different from me today. My lovely friend Bethan (Link to her blog) has nominated TAGposts for this blogging award thing because she is awesome, and sweet, and really helps with all of my creative anxiety. I’m not going to go into too much detail but everything about the awards can be found out at their official page HERE

Essentially I have to answer some questions, nominate some peeps, and then get them to answer some of my questions. Simple… except that I don’t really know any bloggers but I will try this anyway and worry about that later.

1 – Our society has been overrun by a totalitarianism dictatorship; knowledge is power, so any sources of knowledge are illegal and actively destroyed. Including books. It is thirteen minutes past two in the morning and your door is being hammered in by a battering ram. They’re here. They of know your collection. But they do not know of your escape tunnel in the cellar. You grab one book. What is it?

I’m happy that you assume that I would be a part of some sort of resistance militia against the state, because this is exactly where I would be. So this is where my mind is at with this question. Do I take a book that is meaningful to me personally? Or one that helps show the horrors of the state within which I live in the hopes of it helping to spark the revolution? Who am I kidding, I don’t own any of the latter literature. Okay so personal to me. Maybe something like The Hitchhikers Guide or … oooh ooh, this is a good answer. The Divine Comedy by Dante because, no matter how hellish the world may seem or the events I will have to struggle through, there is hope of surviving through to the end.

2 – Speaking of terrifying dystopias, which one keeps you up at night? (Not figuratively, just, which do you believe is the most scary)

A book called The End Specialist has stuck with me ever since I first read it. It questions what would happen to humanity if a cure for the process of ageing was discovered. An utterly fantastic read that I am now going to have to explore again. Thanks Bethan.

3 – You’ve had a hellish morning in work and you’re grateful to escape to the staff room/kitchen/canteen etc for lunch. Martha from three desks over is there, engrossed in a new book; the cover has a man’s naked torso on it so you keep walking (because for argument’s sake you’re like me and not a fan of romance/erotica etc). Phyllis is making a cuppa with her nose stuck in a book, but on closer examination, it’s the same one Martha’s reading. You sit at the table across from Susan and Suzanne and they’re poring over the same book, Sue eagerly assuaging Sue that she can borrow it after her because it’s so good.
Except, it isn’t. It’s domestic violence masquerading as risque S & M. Even your bloody mother has read it.
So what book do you despise that everyone else loves?

Do I really need to say it? I have been ranting about the abusive nature of a certain set of books ever since they became popular. How they essentially promote rape and completely misinterpret the BDSM sexual movement into something it isn’t. Harming the idea surrounding what it a perfectly natural sexual kink for a lot of people. Please do not get me started on that shit! If you want mainstream BDSM done right I suggest you watch The Secretary

4 – Speaking of unappealing, cliched book covers; what kind of cover to you find yourself instantly judging?

Ones that look as if they have been created with some cheap CGI. When I lived in Carmarthen there was a book that I would always inadvertently pick up, only to instantly return to the shelf because the cover was so bad! Sadly, for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was called, or find a decent enough approximation online to do it justice.

5 – Despite the towering odds stacked against you, the gargantuan spider guarding the entrance, the most spirited attempts of that group of flesh eating cultists you stumbled across, and your debilitating fear of the dark; you have made it to the deepest part of the temple where it is rumoured Telmarric the Oathslinger’s magic crystal is hiding. You face an enormous bronze door featuring an inspiring pattern of faces stretched into the most hideous and gruesome visages. As you approach, the ground beneath your feet begins to shake. It begins to crack. You grasp the arm of your companion to stop yourself slipping into the widening abyss at your feet.
What fictional character is your companion?

This is going to be a bit out there but, as this questions brings to the mind the escapades of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, I would have to say that my companion would be one of the characters from the Balance Arc of the podcast The Adventure Zone. Wonderfully written by Griffin McElroy this podcast had me in uncontrollable tears by the end of the first season. Over three years Griffin – along with his brothers, Travis and Justin, and his father, Clint – created a beautiful narrative that stemmed from them playing a dice based imagination game. I am so fond of the podcast that, come May of this year, I will be getting a tattoo inspired by it.

6 – Speaking of dungeon crawling, what would be the one thing to stop you in your tracks, turn your knees to jelly and send you packing?

I honestly don’t know. If I am happy enough to be in a dungeon crawling situation I think that I would be fine with most monsters that come my way. Probably some sort of inescapable situation that involved being buried alive or something like that.

7 – It’s the morning commute. It’s seven o pissing clock in the morning and here you are on a bus/train, surrounded by strangers, but you’re miles away. You cannot put this book down, you were up until somewhere gone one and woke up shortly after to your alarm screaming at you and the book on your face. You’ve fallen hard. You’re invested. And you’ve just read a line that’s knocked you for six. That lump is in your throat and your eyes are tickling and your nose is betraying you but there are people looking at you.
What line was your downfall?

“Magnus rushes in.” –  Seriously. Listen to The Adventure Zone: Balance Arc.

8 – Speaking of public transport, if there was any way you could travel, any method from a work of fiction or otherwise, what would it be?

Teleportation á la Jumper. Easy. Next Question.

9 – You’re scrolling through Twitter in a daze; you’ve had a long afternoon of [difficult work activity] and you just need to veg out. You’ve replied to four tweets with adorable cat gifs, tagged three celebrities in tweets fanpersoning over their shows, and retweeted eight furious tweets supporting a cause you will gladly die on a hill for; when your eye is caught by a sponsored tweet. IS TIME TRAVEL POSSIBLE? I believe it is and I believe I have the means. Test subjects required. No time wasters.
To what time period would you travel and why?

The future! Obviously. Despite the fact that I would love to travel into the past – Y’know, witness certain events, watch Freddie Mercury sing, be a spectator of my own childhood – all of that stuff has already happened. It has existed in one form or the next. I want to see what comes next. Where we go from here. If everything is going to be okay in the end.

10 – Speaking of hideous cliches, which is your least forgivable?

Assumption in the media. Either that the viewership is too stupid to understand or that people need exposition to remember past events. Just present me with an art form and I will come to my own opinion about whether I like it or not. Probably the best example of someone going against this in recent years is Rian Johnson’s Star Wars film The Last Jedi. He presented us with his vision of the world and gave no fucks about what everyone else thought. That is what this art form is about. Not appeasing the masses, but getting your own vision out there.

Side note – When I become a world famous best selling author my books will start with a “Previously On…” section that will summarise everything that happened in previous instalments. It will be small, concise, easily skippable, and allow the reader to remember what is going on without the unneeded exposition.


Now this is where stuff falls apart, because I don’t actually know a lot of bloggers to send this too. Also Bethan’s questions were so good that mine are going to fail in comparison. So, I am going to tag the two people I know for sure do blogs, and I will make them answer the same questions as me. I don’t care if this is wrong. I’m just lazy and my anxiety if flaring up today so Nuuhhhh *Sticks tongue out*

Tom –

Caitlin –

3 thoughts on “The Liebster Awards”

  1. Look at you trying to be a good model of society picking Dante. Adams was so much more believable =P I asked my book club this question this morning and one said she’d grab an art book about the Pre-Raphaelites (saving a piece of culture that’s being lost) and another said she’d grab the railway children (her favourite childhood book). I’d grab The Lord of the Rings – my favourite but also what I feel is a valuable piece of literature ^_^
    That book sounds interesting! So what, no one ever ages or dies?
    And lol I was thinking of you when I set up that question, “Tom’s going to RANT” 🤣
    I think I know the kinds of covers you’re talking about – sadly I find self published novels often have these kinds of covers and they’re really not doing themselves any favours D: I’m not usually a fan of covers that feature artists impressions of what the characters look like, as it then colours my own attempt at imagining them 🙁
    I’ve not heard of this podcast but it’s clearly had quite the effect on you if you’re crying about it at 7am 😂
    Do you know, writing that question, I absolutely had not considered the future! I’m often thinking of the past, and wishing to be able to travel back to see what somewhere looked like a thousand years ago. I’m fascinated by old photos of places, so I’d love to be able to travel back and photograph Kidwelly castle when it was actually used as a base of administration and a home.
    Ha, “exposition to remember past events” is what I put too (I cheated and reworded the same question I was given 😅)

    Excellent answers Tom, thank you so much for taking the time to join in!

    I’ve been writing this comment in a notes app as I’ve read your post and omg you’re an even bigger cheater!! 😂😂😂😂
    I’ll forgive you though, because I am amazing AND sweet =P

    1. Well I have to make it look like I’m more Learned that I actually am. Haha. Although you are right. Hitchhikers probably would have been the first one I grabbed.

      The End Specialist is brilliant. People can still die in accidents or get killed. They just can’t age to the point of death. The global implications (ie increase in population), and the discussion about what point in life people choose to take the cure (therefore remaining that age forever) was fascinating. But the real creepy thing is how society degrades because of it. Highly recommended.

      I’m glad you think my rants are fun. I could have done an entire post about it (especially seeing as the final film is out this week) but thought against it.

      Ha sorry for stealing all of your good question ideas. What I would have put would have been nowhere near as good.


      If you like DnD and fantastic story telling then deff listen to The Adventure Zone.

      1. I’d have loved to have heard what questions you came up – it’s not about whether they’re good or bad, but rather they give on what kinds of things you want to learn about people. For example, I can only think of book related things to ask people because that’s all I care about 🤣

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