So it seems that I have been AWOL from this for several months. I can put this down to several factors – New house / new job / an 1,100 page book that took me four months to read – but the main cause has actually been a lack of creativity. Whether this has been due to not having a ‘creative’ space within which I work I am unsure, although the study in the new house has been finished since November so I can probably rule this out. Now don’t get me wrong, I have started several projects within this time including an accompanying spin off to an existing novel and a brand new interpretation of an existing story, the latter of which being 2018’s attempt at NaNaWriMo. Yet all instances have fallen at the first hurdle, the aforementioned NaNo not progressing passed Day 2, something that has not happened in more than five years.
So, like most things in modern media that have taken a break for a short while, it is time to Reboot this shizz and get it back on track… at least that is the plan. Like the consistently updated versions of Spider-Man and Batman I have done this a few times in the past and much like Uncle Ben or Thomas and Martha Wayne, my motivation behind the site keeps dying with each new iteration.

But I say to this NO MORE!

TAGposts is quickly approaching its first birthday (since becoming a proper domain) so there is not a more perfect time to get it back up and running with a new look and a new burst of passion.

However, much like those ill-fated reboots that I have talked about, I am still having a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to TAGposts. From somewhat murky origins the site evolved into a book/movie/tv review site that also dabbled into the world of YouTube content, something I have been doing even more sporadically and for a lot longer than this reviewing malarkey. But in the last weeks of the site as it was it was nothing more than spam from my most recent foray into gameplay vids, something that was not really well received by the minimal people who actually visited the site. Now I still enjoy doing things like the gameplay vids, if I ever have the time to make a few more I will, but they will be less prevalent (or annoyingly released) on TAGposts two point oh.

So, let’s talk updates; Aside from the obvious face lift and the slight rearrangement of existing content, I am in the process of sourcing SSL certificates to give this site an added level of protection so that it can be viewed by even the most restricted locations (my work computers will not actually let me load the site) and I will start to get back into the who SEO stuff that is apparently so needed in blogs and sites today… but only in a secondary capacity as my enjoyment in the site should, and hopefully will, come first.

Think of this as the Tom Holland / the Christian Bale (circa 2005) of review sites. Hopefully becoming an engaging place to visit once again and not a mess of stuff featuring Paul Giamatti in his underwear or Bat-nipples.

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