“One of the most wholesome, well thought out, loving comedies on television that deals with real world issues with grace and charm. Everyone needs to watch this.”

Creator: Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce
Comedy (2017 – )
Starring: Justina Machado,Rita Moreno, Todd Grinnell, Isabella Gomez, Marcel Ruiz, and Stephen Tobolowsky
Seasons One and Two Available on Netflix

I came across One Day at a Time whilst trawling through Tumblr (of all things), certain plot elements were highlighted alongside the usual ravings of the kind of person one finds on that unusual social site. I watched the linked clip, laughed, and thought little else of it until scanning through Netflix for something to watch several days later.
By the time I came to this show the second season had only just been released, a somewhat good sign for the quality of something; especially now that Netflix are actually cancelling shows so, unlike before where awful shows such as The Ranch were receiving multiple season orders, for a show to now have more than one season meant that it must be somewhat decent. I watched the first episode, and then the second… within a week I had binged all available 26 episodes (two seasons on thirteen) and was tweeting the creators of the show begging for it to be commissioned for a third.

On the surface One Day at a Time is just another family single room sitcom that features a lot of the tropes we have come to expect; annoying neighbour, set in their ways grandparent, pathetic co-worker, angsty teenagers etc etc. Yet despite all of this there was often episodes that left me teary eyed by the end credits, with full blown tears hitting me at both season finales. To put this into perspective I have only cried about three times throughout the entire ten year span of Friends (one of my all time favourite shows) and this show had me in tears on a regular basis.

What is so wonderful about this show is that features something rather rare in the tv comedy game as of late; realistic elements. It sounds ridiculous but when you think about it you realise just how few television comedies set themselves firmly in reality. The only thing that endeared me to recent episodes of The Big Bang Theory was how it treated a certain characters unwillingness to be pregnant, but by that point I had long switched off, only hearing about it via the usual social media means.
One Day at a Time sets itself a part from the usual crowd by being brave enough to show their characters go through real world struggles, ones that constantly effect individuals on a day to day basis. I am struggling to do this show enough justice because it includes so many wonderful elements, all of which are treated with dignity and respect which ultimately creates one of the most wholesome, loving comedies on television at the moment.

Within the show we see: A cuban family in Trump’s America, a single mother army veteran, an immigrant grandparent who escaped Cuba during Castro’s dictatorship, and a recovering drug addict neighbour. Plus the show deals with; depression, the loss of loved ones, the normalcy of therapy and prescription drugs (namely anti-depressants), the struggles of homosexuality and the reactions of highly religious individuals, PTSD, normalising sex and the safeguards needed, alcoholism and abusive tendencies, and so much more that I can’t currently think off the top of my head… all the while remaining genuinely heartwarming and incredibly funny.

I was so happy to discover One Day at a Time and I hope that more people discover it to, because otherwise they are missing out on one of the most wholesome, well thought out, loving comedies on television at the moment. Everyone needs to watch this.

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