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Thomas Goodyear is a Sci-Fi author and Blogger living in Cardiff, South Wales. Discovering he had a penchant for prose after beating the “smartest girl in the class” in a primary school writing competition, Thomas has been writing ever since.

In 2015, after its original inception in 2009, he finished the first draft of his first novel ‘Asylum(s)’ – which at the time had the working title of ‘The Squirrel of Apostrophes’ – and has been fine tuning it for the last couple of years.

During the day Thomas works as an analyst for the Government and, when not doing important and secretive government stuff, can be found absorbing as much media as possible – be it television shows, films, video games, or works of literature – in preparation for the reviews he releases under the moniker of TAGposts.

If you would like to contact Thomas please feel free to email him at